Skincare Tips -How To Slower The Rate Of Aging Process?

Aging is a vital process. You can’t stop it. But increased environmental pollution and unhealthy eating style have made this process even early. As now you can see women with wrinkles in her early 30s. This s the major reason women can’t accept them at this tender age for wrinkles or fine lines. Moreover peer pressure play its own part to provoke¬† women use such kind of products.

Apart from anti aging product there are remedies that can be applied on the face. Here are some:


If you’re a chain smoker then you’re prone to early wrinkles or other signs of aging. So stop smoking immediately for healthy and glowing skin.


It’s going to be very difficult for you as you’re prone to early wrinkles. But keep searching for ways to remove wrinkles.

Free Radicals

Protect your skin from pollution to prevent wrinkles as it is capable enough to affect the collagen production of your skin.

Drastically Lose Weight

Losing lots of weight in a go can caused saggy and dull skin. So to keep this problem try to maximize your exercise while weight loss process.

Lack of Nutrition

If you’re not taking adequate nutrients in your food then it can also cause wrinkles and other aging signs on your skin.

Exposure to Sunlight

UV rays can harm the collagen level of your skin badly. So always protect your skin from direct sunlight to keep wrinkles at bay.

Tips to Protect Skin from Aging Sings

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle concludes everything that you do since the day start till you go to bed. So keep an eye on the time you wake up, your regular physical activity, eating healthy and going to bed on time.

Stop Smoking

Stop it right away. This bad habit not only ruins your skin and elasticity but badly harms your liver and overall health.

Getting Enough Sleep

Quality sleep means take sound sleep without any disturbance for at least 7-8 hours. This relaxes your facial muscles and brings healthy glow.

Use Sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen with SPF no less than 30 to keep aging signs at bay.

My Point of View

I remember my mother didn’t have wrinkles even when I was getting married and my father no aging issues at this age. But my skin is started surrendering and I can see tiny lines on my forehead and smile lines can also be visible on special occasion. Sometimes it turns my head and I find nothing to try except an anti aging cream. But heal;thy lifestyle has its own importance so keep up living healthy.