HR Cream : Miracle Anti-Aging potion in a Jar!

HR Cream :- When was the last time you adored yourselves in a mirror only to find out that your skin has aged without any warning. Well, this situation is relatable to almost all women crossing 30s. Marriage, work responsibility have taken a toll on our skin and amidst in all this we forget to take care of the most important thing, our skin. Since it suffer a lot of wear and tear from stress and smiling, it becomes even more important to give your skin some extra care in the form of moisturisation. I have a product to recommend you that won’t takes much time to give you the skin you always desired.

About HR Cream 

The protein which is responsible for keeping our skin young that is collagen decreases its production level when we age. In the quest to find a product which can halt the damage already done by the sun and other environmental factors, HR Cream comes in between to prevent new wrinkles from forming. Hollywood stars have also used the same formulation found in this cream. Served as an exfoliator, it helps in sloughing off dead skin cells so that your skin can shine forth.

HR Cream Trial

How does HR Cream work?

Clinical studies have proven that ingredients in HR Cream have the power to turn back the clock on your skin. Their patent formula also showed effective results in doubling up the production of collagen which is much very much needed to keep your skin looking plump and youthful. It works with your skin’s retinoid receptors to help with the deteriorating skin and smoothing texture which further increase the rate of cell turnover.

How to use? 

  • Cleanse your face with a gentle face wash meant for you skin type.
  • Take out a required amount of HR Cream and apply it all over your face and neck.
  • Massage this cream in a circular motion until absorbed into the skin.

#Using HR Cream twice in a day has proven to boost the amount of collagen made in your skin.

Working of HR Cream

What are its key ingredients? 

To maintain trade-secret, HR Cream cannot disclose its full ingredients list. But when I searched deeper on the Internet I found out that some of the Ingredients in HR Cream are packed full of peptides and collagen. These ingredients have known to stimulate the collagen and peptides within the skin.

My take on it

Unfortunately, my skin has started showing signs of aging such as dark spots and sagging among other things. I have used Cream from over the counter to high-end products only to be disappointed again and again. Then one fine day while scrolling through the Internet I got to know about the trial bottle of HR Cream. Since it comes in a trial bottle I decided to order it. I had almost lost hope of me looking young and graceful when I turned 35, but this cream has changed that perspective of mine in just a few weeks.

Boy was I amazed! HR Cream has consistently not only helped me to reduce the appearance of fine lines but also improved firmness which was quite visible in just three weeks after using it. For me HR Cream is a miracle in a Jar, a magic potion which made it possible for me to look and feel younger from within. I have no plans in changing my skin care routine in near future.


  • Proven to work on wrinkles
  • Clinically proved ingredient
  • Decrease in the appearance of fine lines


  • Limited availability to online
  • Not meant for under 18 girls.

Is it safe to use?

I am on its second bottle and so far this cream hasn’t caused me any breakouts which had happened before with other anti-aging creams.


  • Keep this out of reach from children
  • Close the lid after use to prevent it from contamination
  • Keep HR Cream in a cool and dry place
  • For pregnant ladies, Consult with your dermatologist whether to use it or not.

Is HR Cream recommended?

I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a younger skin free from radicals and wish to shelve few years from her face at the comfort of her home .

Will this work for you?

Not publicized much, but the ingredients found in this cream have also been used by many top Hollywood stars. I understand what works for me may not work for you since every skin is different. To make it easy for you to decide whether its worth it to go for HR Cream or not, manufacturers have decided to give away trial bottles to their new customers. You just need to fill in the details on their website to avail the bottle.

Where to buy?

To prevent the ingredient list being leaked out they decided to sell its bottle only from their official website. To make a purchase, Visit their official website.

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